Nicholas Lens’ works are published by
Schott Music and Mute Song Ltd and distributed by Deutsche Grammophon, Universal Music Company and Sony/BMG

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Professional Requests:

In respect of professional use of Nicholas Lens’ works, recordings, rentals for live operatic, symphonic, chamber or ensemble performances, authorizations / synchronizations for dance performances, films or any audio-visual works or events:

-please contact Mute Song Ltd, London in respect of the following operas:

  • ‘Shell Shock, Requiem of War,’ Nicholas Lens / Nick Cave
  • ‘L.i.t.a.n.i.e.s,’ Nicholas Lens / Nick Cave
  • ‘Eros, Europa and The Intersex Human,’ a teenage love opera (NEW!)

– please contact Schott Music Mainz, Germany, Mrs. Katja Riepl in respect of the following works:

  • ‘The Accacha Chronicles’ -vocal symphonic trilogy, part 1 ‘Flamma Flamma, The Fire Requiem,’ part 2 ‘Terra Terra,’ part 3 ‘Amor Aeternus, Hymns of Love’
  • ‘Orrori dell’Amore’ (symphonic songbook)
  • ‘The Puppet Designer’ (for baritone and chamber orchestra)
  • 100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases, volume I, volume II (piano study book)
  • 25 movimenti (études double bass solo)

-please contact Mrs. Rose-Mary June for all other inquiries (however only professional) and for the following opera’s:

  • ‘Slow Man (Coïtus with a Stranger)’, Nicholas Lens, John M. Coetzee
  • ‘Costello in Limbo (Elizabeth Costello at the Gate)’, Nicholas Lens, John M. Coetzee (NEW!)
  • ‘Eros, Europa and The Intersex Human’, a teenage love opera (NEW!)
  • ‘Love is the only master I’ll serve’, art film, written & directed by N. Lens
  • ‘The Accacha Chronicles’ (‘Flamma,’ ‘Terra,’ A’mor Aeternus’) besides the publishing for the recording utilisation and synchronisation rights
  • ‘Orrori dell’ Amore,’ besides the publishing for the recording utilisation and synchronisation rights)

-please contact Deutsche Grammophon (Stralauer Allee 1, 10245 Berlin) for professional inquiries on synchronisation authorisations in respect of the album L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S (Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave)