Nicholas Lens’ works are published by
Schott Music and Mute Song Ltd and distributed by Deutsche Grammophon, Universal Music Company and Sony/BMG

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Professional Requests:

Info on Authorizations, Synchronisation rights, Publishing rights, and *(NEW!) temporary EXCEPTIONAL sale of recorded CD-Master Rights

In respect of professional use of Nicholas Lens’ works, recordings, rentals for live operatic, symphonic, chamber or ensemble performances, authorizations / synchronizations for dance performances, films or any audio-visual works or events:

-please contact Mute Song Ltd, London in respect of the following operas:

  • ‘Shell Shock, Requiem of War,’ Nicholas Lens / Nick Cave
  • ‘L.i.t.a.n.i.e.s,’ Nicholas Lens / Nick Cave
  • ‘Eros, Europa and The Intersex Human,’ a teenage love opera (NEW!)

– please contact Schott Music Mainz, Germany, Mrs. Katja Riepl in respect of the following works:

  • ‘The Accacha Chronicles’ -vocal symphonic trilogy, part 1 ‘Flamma Flamma, The Fire Requiem,’ part 2 ‘Terra Terra,’ part 3 ‘Amor Aeternus, Hymns of Love’
  • ‘Orrori dell’Amore’ (symphonic songbook)
  • ‘The Puppet Designer’ (for baritone and chamber orchestra)
  • 100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases, volume I, volume II (piano study book)
  • 25 movimenti (études double bass solo)

-please contact Mrs. Rose-Mary June for all other inquiries (however only professional) and for the following opera’s:

  • ‘Slow Man (Coïtus with a Stranger)’, Nicholas Lens, John M. Coetzee
  • ‘Costello in Limbo (Elizabeth Costello at the Gate)’, Nicholas Lens, John M. Coetzee (NEW!)
  • ‘Eros, Europa and The Intersex Human’, a teenage love opera (NEW!)
  • ‘Love is the only master I’ll serve’, art film, written & directed by N. Lens
  • ‘The Accacha Chronicles’ (‘Flamma,’ ‘Terra,’ A’mor Aeternus’) besides the publishing for the recording utilisation and synchronisation rights
  • ‘Orrori dell’ Amore,’ besides the publishing for the recording utilisation and synchronisation rights)

*(NEW!) EXCEPTIONAL SALE of the CD recording Master Rights, during a short period of time (please contact, only serious offers will be taken into account) of the following works:

the full recording Master Rights of the trilogy CD’s ‘The Accacha Chronicles’ (‘Flamma Flamma,’ ‘Terra Terra,’ ‘Amor Aeternus’) and the symphonical songbook CD ‘Orrori dell’ Amore’ (including the track used on recordings and dvd by RammsteinWas hast du mit Meinem Herz getan?’)